The Clarion-Ledger’s political editor Geof Ponder, in the Sunday edition, under his POWER RANKINGS story on the current legislative session yesterday wrote:
“The House threw an indendiary grenade, passing an immigration bill out of committee just before deadline. This appears to be a House chairman going rouge or the leadership reneging on an agreement with the Senate not to tackle the issue this year.”

This secret “agreement ” is something that we suspected since early in the session, and if true, was withheld from you – the legal citizens and voting public. Ask the Senate and House “leadership” to make a public statement about the truthfuness Pender’s assertions.

Call Speaker Gunn (601-359-3300). Ask him to deny or confirm Pender’s assertion to us and the newsmedia. These are serious allegations. Ask him to support citizens and legal immigrants and not illegal aliens and the unscrupulous employers that hire them.

Ask the Speaker to bring HB 1221 to the House floor for a vote. The deadline for House action is this Thursday, Feb. 14th. HB 1221 strengthens our current E-Verify law by requiring the Attorney General to enforce our E-Verify law and places the responsibility squarely on the state agency that has the manpower and attorneys needed for enforcement.

Ask the Speaker to remove the wording in HB 1221 that calls for monetary fines on unlawful employers. Federal courts have ruled that only the federal government can levy monetary fines on employers that hire illegal aliens. States and local governments can use business licenses and business contracts for enforcement. This is already in our current law.

Ask the Speaker to strengthen HB 1221 by requiring The State Board of Public Contractors to check contractor compliance with E-Verify in the course of their regular inspection duties.
Call our ally Gov. Bryant (601-359-3150). Ask him to publicly support HB 1221 with a news release and other media opportunities.

Join other MS Tea Party members in the state capitol at the Speaker’s office TODAY – Monday, Feb. 11th at 11:00 to personally ask that he bring HB 1221 to the floor for a vote so we can see how our representaives vote.

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