Tea Party Express Endorses Henry Ross for Congress in MS-01

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “In recent years, Mississippi has witnessed a truly grassroots, conservative reawakening. Tea Party activists throughout the state have taken the future of our nation into their hands by getting involved in elections vital to restoring America’s promise. Nowhere is that more apparent than with Henry Ross in Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District. Henry Ross stands head-and-shoulders above the rest as the true Tea Party candidate.

“As a concerned citizen and now Chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party, I am happy to recommend Henry Ross to voters and the Tea Party Express in this special election for the MS Congressional District 1 special election. I got to know Henry in 2010 when Tea Parties all over the country were forming. As it happened, Tupelo was holding a Tea Party Express event in the town square at which Henry spoke to the crowd as a candidate for this Congressional seat. Henry has a loyalty and understanding of Constitutional governance that is not often found in those seeking any office today. Having served his community in his professional life as well as voluntarily with those principles in mind, he fully is one to be lauded for his continuous service to the people and the principles that made this country great. Not new to politics and known throughout Mississippi, Henry has been active in the Republican party and his community. Henry is a veteran with a fine legal mind, and having served as mayor of Eupora, having run for this Congressional Seat twice, I believe Henry Ross is the best candidate for Congressional District One. Most sincerely I hope Henry prevails as the winner in this special election.”

-Laura Van Overschelde, Chairman Mississippi Tea Party

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