Pender goes on in his opinion piece about how McDaniel is supposedly “Present, but unaccounted for” during session.

Chris McDaniel, the popular State Senator who took on a 42-year, statewide elected incumbent in Thad Cochran in last year’s heated Republican US Senate Primary continues to live rent-free in the heads of those who wish to keep government as is.

McDaniel has been questioned on his presence in the legislative session by Pender before in questioning whether McDaniel’s heart is still in his state senate job. According to McDaniel spokesman Keith Plunkett the Jones County Senator is very focused.

“Sen. McDaniel has not only been at the Capitol every day working for the voters,” says Plunkett. “He has also been there in the past week when the body was not even in session, meeting constituents, writing legislation and attending to upcoming committee duties. I’ve met with him there on several different occasions. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him more rested and ready.”…

…“You would think the media would have more to write about at the state Capitol than who saw whom and who was seen by whom,” Plunkett wrote in an emailed statement to ANM News. “The Capitol press corps in Jackson should be taking coverage a bit more serious than the writers of a VIP section in a lifestyle magazine.”