Teammates must crack down on UGA knuckleheads

Athens — It only takes one, two — and in the University of Georgia’s case, eight knuckleheads or so — to interrupt the wonderful vibes around a highly praised football team. For example, the No. 1-ranked Bulldogs of Sports Illustrated, the coaches’ poll and other stuff had more than a few guys spend the past eight months embarrassing themselves, the university, their teammates and the entire Bulldog Nation.
That’s old news. To keep this from becoming current news again with Georgia sitting 23 days from opening a season in search of a national championship, somebody around here must get better at keeping the knuckleheads away.
No, not university officials, ranging from president Michael Adams to athletics director Damon Evans. And, no, not Mark Richt, who actually is tougher than you think. With penalties for his knuckleheads that often go beyond university guidelines, Richt has done about as much as a coach can do in these situations.