Tebow’s greatness a geography question

Greatness is an elusive and exclusive quality.
And these days – in particular, the long weeks between college football seasons – greatness doesn’t always seem enough.

For example, Florida’s Tim Tebow is a great college quarterback. But on sports talk shows, message boards, bar stools and just about everywhere else college football is discussed, the question of whether he’s the greatest ever has been raised and hotly debated.

Heisman Trophy, two national championship rings and 67 touchdown passes compared to 11 interceptions bear out Tebow’s greatness. But merely acknowledging him as a great college quarterback is a slap to legions of Gators, who hail Tebow as the greatest college quarterback ever. In fact, some might argue that proclaiming him the greatest quarterback would be a grave injustice because he actually is the greatest college football player ever.