Tebow’s legend just a part of Florida, Meyer’s growing dynasty

MIAMI — It had to be a jump pass.

It had to be the signature play of Tim Tebow’s career because if we never see him as a Gator again we’ll always have the scene in our minds with 3 minutes, 7 seconds left in Thursday’s BCS title game.
We’ll remember all the daggers he stuck through all the hearts. We’ll remember the victory laps, the Gator chomps, the goofy grins, the fullback-quality runs. But if Thursday night was the end, then we’ll remember the jump pass.
That particular play is how we began this story more than two years ago. Tebow amazed a nation — Gator and the U.S. — against LSU in October 2006. The freshman took only 15 snaps that day, threw two touchdowns and ran for another in a 13-point victory. But it was a jump pass to Tate Casey that everyone remembers. That was basically the beginning of the Tebow legend. It was half jump shot, half shot put but it worked and showed how different the kid was.

“That put the jump pass on the map,” offensive coordinator Dan Mullen said.