Tech’s pirate kingdom (What MSU & Ole Miss could be?)

LUBBOCK – Winston Churchill, it is said, would spend hours in his bathrobe, dictating letters and speeches to his staff.
Mike Leach, who these days is reading a book of anecdotes about Churchill between planning sessions to overthrow Texas, Oklahoma, the Big 12 South and the greater football universe beyond, receives guests while wearing a sweat shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

Now, does this sartorial comparison make sense? Perhaps, in the same way that Leach makes sense when he answers a question about Texas coach Mack Brown in a fashion that praises Brown’s penchant for organization or his latent potential as an interior designer, based on your interpretation.

“One thing I admire about (Brown),” Leach said, “is that he’s always got a real specific plan. … Just the most obscure stuff: Why is this sofa sitting here? Well, it’s sitting here because of this, and if you put it there it’s like that, and the other one over here is for this, and it’s really sharp and it really is quite ingenious, and you can tell he’s a guy who has been the head coach of a team for a lot of years, not just at Texas.”