Tennessee better off without Lyin’ Lane Kiffin

For the first time in 13 1/2 months, I again wear my Vols 1998 BCS championship sweat shirt.
Ding, dong, the wicked wretch is gone.
Lane Kiffin, who lies from both his faces, could be accused of trying to slimeball, over a three-day period, three proud college football programs — Tennessee, Southern California and the Air Force Academy.
But Falcons coach Troy Calhoun, much to the relief of his players, announced Thursday afternoon he will not be leaving to take the Volunteers’ job vacated by Kiffin, who abruptly and callously leaped to the Trojans this week.
Everybody except the Men of Troy and the Boy of Destroy are fortunate.
Air Force retains a rock-solid coach with a 25-14 record and three bowl appearances in three seasons. Tennessee may hire David Cutcliffe,its former offensive coordinator and the current Duke coach, or someone else who will be stronger and more mature than Kiffin.
And, believe it or not, Tricky Ricky Neuweasel now becomes the most respectable major-college football coach in Los Angeles.
Colorado imprints are pressed over the lame Lane-Brain episode.
After Lane Kiffin graduated in 1998 from Fresno State — with a degree in “leisure services management” — he spent a season at Colorado State as a graduate assistant. At a Liberty Bowl party, Rams coach Sonny Lubick introduced me to the 23-year- old Kiffin. I thought he was a cheerleader.
“He’s Monte Kiffin’s kid, and I did Monte a favor,” Lubick said.