Tennessee’s new boss seems to have a way of turning people off

I don’t know the first thing about Lane Kiffin on a personal level, other than that he once sported questionable facial hair, he’s not above sacrificing his child’s name to ingratiate himself to a rabid fan base and he’s breaking the bank to bring Tennessee up to speed with its mercenary rivals. Something tells me it’s only the latter that’s put young Lane in the crosshairs so quickly: Steve Spurrier tried to peg Kiffin for cheating the same day Kiff was hired at UT, and now Ray Melick’s snippy takedown in the Birmingham News last week has been one-upped by his esteemed colleague, Paul Finebaum, who’s so turned off by Kiffin that he actually defends Al Davis today in the course of a general spitballing of the Vols’ new coach: