Terry Bradshaw: If Vikings don’t win Super Bowl, Brett Favre will play another season

Will Brett Favre play again in the 2010 season?

Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw says it all depends on whether Favre and the Vikings advance to — and win — Super Bowl XLIV.

Bradshaw, now a Fox analyst, told USA TODAY’s Michael Hiestand that if Favre wins the Super Bowl, he will likely hang up his cleats — for good. Bradshaw says Favre is motivated by a desire to show up the Packers, the team he divorced in 2008.

Favre, Bradshaw said, wants to “embarrass them, put it in their face. And nothing would throw it in their face more than winning the Super Bowl.”

Bradshaw said in Week 1 that he was “fed up” with Favre, weeks after the QB ended his second retirement to join the Vikings. Two months later, with Favre the Vikings riding a wave of success that led to an NFC North title, Bradshaw acknowledged his criticism was wrong.

And Bradshaw said if the Vikings’ season doesn’t end with Favre hoisting a Lombardi Trophy, expect to see the QB back in Minnesota.