WMOX had a radio debate between current Senator Terry Burton and Representative Tad Campbell. As you’ll remember, Tad Campbell had announced he was not running for re-election for his Meridian area House seat. Then after the redistricting mess, he decided to challenge Terry Burton for his Senate seat in the Republican primary. This is an interesting intra-party challenge because even though Burton has held the seat for a long time, as Majority reported most of the Republican primary votes come from where Campbell’s House district is in Lauderdale County.

On the Bill Smith and Dumpster Dog’s show on WMOX, these guys really went at it.

Campbell really went after Burton on his party switch to Republicans in 2003, flip-flopping on eminent domain and of course, siding against Republicans on redistricting. Burton shot back and told Campbell not to be condescending. The back and forth really starts at about 15 minutes in Part 1.