Texas Tech: Building a Tommy Tuberville Defense

Tommy Tuberville has built an excellent reputation as a defensive gameplanner. He’s also known as a strong recruiter and solid evaluator of talent.

We’re located in the state that produces more D-I football players every year than any other, enough for TCU to find the number of athletes that could field a top 10 unit. While he definitely pulled in some highly regarded talent at Auburn, he also specialized in finding 6?1?, 260-lb, two-star DTs like Sen’Derrick Marks and turning them into All-Americans. Will Herring, who is a 6?3?, 205-lb high school linebacker Tuberville beat out Middle Tennessee State to get, now plays for the Seahawks.

These stories are all over the college football scene in Texas, and I’m confident that, if John Goodner can field a top 10 defense in Lubbock with predominantly goat ropers, so can Tuberville. He’ll fit square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round holes. Whether we end up playing with mostly three or four man fronts won’t be determined until the spring, at which time Tuberville can assess what we really have. I would like to believe that we have better talent than TCU in some places, but I can’t say for certain