Texas Tech Interviewing Tommy Tuberville To Replace Mike Leach

Things are staying interesting for Tech football, even after the dismissal of the Pirate.

It’s now being reported that Tech will predictably interview Tommy Tuberville for the Red Raiders’ head coaching vacancy. Art Briles’ buyout figure of $4 million looks prohibitive, and interim coach Ruffin McNeil is the only other candidate that has been interviewed as yet.

I was really proud of the job Ruff did in winning the Alamo Bowl, and I think it was a pretty good indication that he has some potential as a quality head coach. No one can say for sure, because he’s never held that title before.

Now, I’m not sure what’s going to happen here, but I’ll be surprised if our administration has the balls to stick with McNeil.

That’s not meant to be an indictment against what Ruff has accomplished here, but more a testament to what Tuberville’s resume is going to look like when he slides it across the table tomorrow and points to SEC titles, a decade of top 15 recruiting, and a perfect season at a school that is arguably facing similar competitive disadvantages to Texas Tech.

I’m not pulling for Tuberville because I’m 100% confident that he is the right choice. I’m pulling for Tuberville because we’ll still have the opportunity to hire Art Briles or Ruffin McNeil in two years, which might not be the case with what is probably the best bargain on the free agent coaching market right now.