Texas Tech’s Tuberville will hire new coordinators

LUBBOCK – New Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said Monday he will hire a new offensive and defensive coordinator. He also said he has an affinity to running the ball, and he added that the Red Raiders will have a new identity on defense next season.

Players generally were mixed on the scope of change the program will experience, but some see Tuberville as more of a player’s coach than Mike Leach.

“It won’t be a hard thing and it won’t be a big deal, but it’s going to take some getting used to,” junior running back Baron Batch said. “Coach Leach was more kind of on the business side and wasn’t as much of a player’s coach, really, as Coach Tuberville seems like.”

Tuberville has a team meeting planned for 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Senior cornerback Jamar Wall, who played in a bowl every year during his college career, hopes he’s leaving behind a legacy that Tuberville won’t drastically alter.

“I think it’ll be a learning process with a new coach coming in,” Wall said. “I hope things run smoothly. But most likely, you never know.”

Batch said strife that has engulfed the campus – with a Team Leach rally slated for Thursday – must come to a halt. He said Red Raider Nation should unite and rally around Tuberville.

“I think the administration hired a great coach, and I think everybody is going to put all these issues aside and realize that he’s going to coach us,” Batch said.

“I think everybody’s excited, and I’m sure [Tuberville is] going to be great.”

There’s sadness and apprehension in seeing assistant coaches move on, though.

Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill played such a large role on the staff – including as a major recruiting influence – senior linebacker Marlon Williams wonders what recruits are thinking. Particularly since it appears McNeill will no longer be a part of the staff, unless he accepts a diminished role.