Texas vs. Oklahoma: a rivalry hot even on paper

The annual “Red River Shootout” between Texas and Oklahoma was downgraded to “Red River Rivalry” a few years ago because “shootout” was thought too strident a word to describe a fiercely competitive game between schools that, deep down, respected each other.

Keep your powder dry — it could be headed back to “shootout.”
Fans from both base campuses were ordered to active duty with Sunday’s release of the Bowl Championship Series standings.
Alabama stayed at No. 1, but that wasn’t the news. The Crimson Tide has two remaining days of reckoning: this week against Auburn in the Iron Bowl and the Southeastern Conference title game on Dec. 6 against Florida.
The news wasn’t USC moving up one spot, to No. 5. It was forward progress, for sure, but the Trojans still need a lot of help to gain, in two weeks, the three spots necessary to book passage to the BCS championship game Jan. 8.