August 20,2008

Col. J.K. Stringer. Jr.
Executive Director
Mississippi Department of Fina~nce and Administration
501 N. West Street
Suite 1301, Woolfolk Building
Jackson, Mississippi 39201

Dear Col. Stringer;

Pursuant to the Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983, 1 respectfully make this; request for copies of the
following public records possession of the Department of Finance and Administration:

Any and all documents related to the submission and approval of travel advance and reimbursement
expenses for members of the Mississippi House of Representatives for the period from January 8,
2008, to the present.
Also, all documents related to paid discretionary days for any member during the period of June 1 to
July 31. 2008.

I understand that you may charge for your actual costs incurred in searching, duplicating, and mailing copies of
these public records. Should you anticipate that the search and duplication could exceed a reasonable
amount, please notify me at the number below to confirm payment of the amount.

If this request is denied in whole or part, please explain any such denial as reqrired by the Public Records Act.
If you have any questions regarding this request, I would appreciate your communicating with me by telephone
at 601-REDACTED. I look forward to your reply within fourteen (14) days as required under the Public Records
Act. Once the documents are available please let me know and I will arrange to pick them up.

I appreciate very much your assistance in this matter.

Rita Martinson