While U.S. Senator Thad Cochran campaigns all across the state this week with conservative Republican leaders from Mississippi, the parade of out-of-state groups supporting Chris McDaniel continues to roll on. They don’t really know Chris McDaniel and they can’t even vote for him.

Thad Cochran has already been joined on the campaign trail this week by Congressman Gregg Harper, Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, Transportation Commissioner Mike Tagert, and today with Lt. Governor Tate Reeves—and with other conservative Mississippi leaders who will be joining Thad at campaign events between now and June 3.

All of this highlights another key difference between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel: Mississippi’s conservative leaders are endorsing, campaigning with, and voting for Thad Cochran. Out-of-state special interests groups and faraway politicians are helping Chris McDaniel with more than $5 million already spent trying to prop up McDaniel’s campaign.

Below are quotes from conservative Mississippi leaders who are supporting Thad Cochran because they know him personally—they know his record of getting results for Mississippi—and they know he is the best choice for Mississippi’s future:

“Senator Cochran is a pioneer of the Mississippi Republican Party and has been instrumental in helping with my efforts to grow the economy and provide jobs for thousands of Mississippians. After Hurricane Katrina, Thad dedicated his time and influence to our state’s recovery efforts as we rebuilt from the nation’s largest natural disaster. Our state has benefited from Senator Cochran’s leadership for over three decades. In today’s political environment, we need this experience for Mississippi’s future.”
–Governor Phil Bryant

“I am glad Senator Cochran is running for re-election and I, like thousands of Mississippians, had encouraged him to do so. He is the father of the conservative Republican takeover of Mississippi, and his wisdom will be an asset to the conservative cause as long as he serves. We as Republicans have a major fight in Washington to unwind the Obama agenda in the next six years, and we need our best minds on the job. I hope all Republicans will rally behind Thad Cochran.”
–Lt. Governor Tate Reeves

“The people of Mississippi need Thad’s experience and proven conservative leadership more than ever. Thad’s work on behalf of Mississippi is a testament to his selfless dedication to our state and its future. He has my full support.”
–U.S. Senator Roger Wicker

“A true statesman, Senator Cochran has dedicated his life to serving the people of Mississippi. Thad has my family’s full support. And Mississippi needs his leadership in the U.S. Senate now more than ever.”
–Third District Congressman Gregg Harper

“Thad never wavers from his principles and always puts Mississippi first. As the first Republican to win statewide office since the end of Reconstruction, he paved the way for the Mississippi GOP, and we are all standing on his broad shoulders. Senator Cochran has consistently carried the conservative banner, and during these difficult times we need his strong voice more than ever.”
–First District Congressman Alan Nunnelee

“I look forward to Thad’s continued service to the great state of Mississippi. Senator Cochran has been the epitome of an honorable statesman and we are better off because of his service.”
–State Auditor Stacey Pickering

“From the Natchez Trace to the agriculture research in the Mississippi Delta, from Katrina Recovery on the Coast to the University Medical Center, Mississippians do not need to go far to see the work Senator Cochran has accomplished for our State. I look forward to supporting his reelection.”
–Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann