Thad Cochran slammed for earmark spending

According to an April 16, 2009 press release, Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran said that the government should seek out “the least invasive options” to get us out of this recession. I have determined that this earned the Senator a new award, that being the title of this piece. This has to be the most hypocritical press release on the Senator’s behalf I have even seen, and I am surprised it took me this long to find out about it. I apologize that this is going on nine days old, but news is news, and we were all more focused on tea parties last week.

Not one month after putting his signature on millions of earmark dollars, Cochran has the nerve to tell us and the Democrats to seek out the “least invasive options”? Absurdity, and irony, at their finest.

Need I remind anyone the budgetary offenses this Senator has committed over the past few months? Why the change in policy? Could it be because a tax watch dog group dubbed him Porker of the Year?

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