Thad Cochran Runs Ads Against ‘Powerful Interests’

Out-of-state groups on Monday continued pouring money into Mississippi’s Republican primary, criticizing Sen. Thad Cochran for staying in office too long. The six-term lawmaker responded with his own ads against challenger Chris McDaniel.

The new wave of ads suggest Cochran could face trouble in his June 3 primary, and that McDaniel, a state senator, may be emerging as the best shot for tea party-aligned groups to unseat an incumbent Republican in a primary this year. Cochran, who hasn’t faced a real campaign in decades, recently has started working to defend his seat and his latest ad is his first negative spot of this election.

“Chris McDaniel is backed by powerful interests that Gov. Haley Barbour calls ‘out-of-state phonies,'” a narrator says in Cochran’s ad. “If Chris McDaniel won’t do anything for Mississippi, why should Mississippians do anything for Chris McDaniel?”

That line of criticism borrows from comments McDaniel made at the University of Mississippi in February: “I’m not going to do anything for you. I’m going to get the government off your back, then I’m going to let you do it for yourself.”

Huffington Post