Thanksgiving week offers rivalry feast

Forty names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college football, where a most costly internship is about finished at Notre Dame (1):

And so in the humbling end it cannot be laid at the feet of the Scourge of Humanity, Tyrone Willingham (2). When Charlie Weis (3) was revealed as a subpar head coach in his third and fourth years, they tried to blame it all on the last guy — the one the school canned in three seasons. In Year 5 the few remaining apologists got desperate, citing bad calls and injuries — like those happen only to the Fighting Irish.

With all possible excuses eliminated for Mr. No Excuses, this is the bottom line: Even when blessed with an administrative double standard and a full roster of his own recruits, Charlie Weis couldn’t make it work in South Bend.

Whoever the next guy is, just remember this: If you’re struggling in Year 3, blame it on Charlie. But understand this much: The statute of scapegoating limitations has finally ended when it comes to the Scourge.