A few days ago, the DCCC came out and tried to paint MS Senator Alan Nunnelee as a tax raiser.

They asserted

INCOME: Nunnelee sponsored a bill that would have increased income taxes by 35% since 1997. In 1996, Nunnelee sponsored a bill to increase income tax rates and optional standard deductions according to changes in the US inflation rate. [SB 2731, 1996 Mississippi Regular Session]

It’s my experience that people or groups that want to mischaracterize something intentionally don’t give you all the data. It kinds screws ’em up. They just tell you what they want you to believe that it said. In true YallPolitics style, here’s the bill. A read of the bill shows that the bill seeks to eliminate the marraige penalty and index Mississippi’s tax code to inflation. That’s about it.

The DCCC bears watching. They have a history of swooping in every couple of years and dropping bombs with wreckless disregard for Mississippians or the mess they leave behind. Just wait, they’ll be out there spending millions again (as will the NRCC, I’m sure). Hopefully both sides will take a cue from us here and put the first source data behind their attacks as much as possible.

We’ll be watching.