The Alphabetical: College Football, Week 8 (Croom & Nutt mentioned)

A is for Astronomical. Colt McCoy was NASA-precise against Missouri: 29/32 for 332 yards and two TDs in a 56-31 demolition of the Tigers in Austin. McCoy also ran two TDs on the ground, recovered his own fumble and completed a 23 yard pass for a first down on the same play, displayed admirable sportsmanship after the game by hugging it out with Chase Daniel, has perfect teeth, well-groomed hair, attends all of his classes, and calls his mother regularly.

B is for Beekeeper. Clemson’s mascot donned a beekeeper’s hat complete with netting for the Tech game. This would not be the only gag Clemson pulled on the day: Clemson called three trick plays in the first three series alone.

C is for Croomed (NOT):