NEW: Southern Co Asks Court to Muzzle Manager of Budget-Busting, Much Delayed Kemper ‘Clean Coal’ Plant

The Temporary Restraining Order, or TRO, was issued by Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Elisabeth French. The record reflects that she issued the order after reviewing the publicly filed request from Southern Company as well as supporting documents which the company asked in a separate motion to be filed under seal; and after considering arguments presented by lawyers for the company.

Because subjects of TROs are not given the opportunity to object, the orders are, as the term reflects, temporary. Upon issuing the orders, French scheduled a hearing for Feb. 27 — Friday — at 11 a.m. At that hearing, Wingo will have the opportunity to urge the court to rescind the restraining order against him, and Southern Company will, as its filings make clear, urge the court to make the temporary order binding.

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