Barbour and Pawlenty attack Landrieu in dispute over Obama Medicaid expansion

Two prominent Republican governors on Tuesday plan to go after Sen. Mary Landrieu, Louisiana Democrat, in an attempt to criticize President Obama’s health-care bill and also highlight what they say is a piling of unfunded mandates onto states.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, chairman of the Republican Governors Association (RGA), and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, RGA vice-chair and a potential Republican candidate for president in 2012, will argue that Landrieu has admitted that states will be saddled with large financial obligations because of Medicaid expansion provisions in the president’s plan.

The governors say Landrieu is “the first Democratic senator to admit that states will have to shoulder significant new costs created by President Obama’s proposed health-care plan,” and plan to call on her to declare what state programs she would cut or what taxes she would raise in order to meet those obligations.

“While we appreciate the senator’s candor, her admission should prompt her and other Democrats to consider exactly how states are going to pay for billions of dollars in new health-care costs,” Barbour said, in a statement provided to The Daily Caller on Monday.

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