The Earthquake Game and other great college football finishes

Today as we continue to take a video tour down memory lane for some of college football’s fantastic finishes, we watch LSU make the ground quake in Baton Rouge, La., see Vince Young dazzle in Pasadena, Calif., and see Lou Holtz and Notre Dame choke in South Bend, Ind.

Send your nominations. I’ll dig up video if I can find it. Remember the rules: You either had to witness it in person or live on TV. And tell us why you think it belongs.
The Earthquake Game, LSU vs. Auburn, 1988:
Auburn led 6-0 late in the fourth quarter before a Tommy Hodson TD pass to Eddie Fuller sent the Tiger Stadium crowd into a frenzy and propelled the Tigers to the SEC title. The roar from the crowd was so strong that it registered on the campus seismograph.