The ESPN empire is always right

Do you blame somebody for doing a job too well? Do you care who or what it is that does the job, what the entity’s motivation or philosophy is or what its long-range goals or idiosyncrasies might be as long as you get the service you want?
And even if you get what you want, does the inevitable vapor of self-protection and promotion that emanates from the entity start to subtly distort that product?
ESPN makes one ponder such questions.
In case you sports enthusiasts have been in comas, we live in ESPN World. And the ever-expanding sports entertainment universe that includes TV, radio, print, Internet, marketing and acquisition provinces is pleased to have you along for the ride.

On Tuesday, it was announced ESPN outbid everyone for the TV rights to the Bowl Championship Series, plunking down $125 million annually for four of the five BCS games beginning in January 2011. With parent Disney already owning the rights to the BCS Rose Bowl, ESPN one day might get that bowl, too, to complete the sweep.