The Favre saga still at a stalemate, the question is: Who’ll crack first?
Ten nights ago, I sat in Brett Favre’s Mississippi home, and a couple of times during our discussions he said he wanted Packers general manager Ted Thompson to release him. Folly, I thought, and I told him so. “Brett,” I said, “the Packers will release you over Ted Thompson’s dead body. They’re not going to give you the chance to run through the tunnel opening night as a Viking.” Favre was not moved. He heard me, but I don’t think he believed me.
The next day, I was in Green Bay, sniffing around the Packers. At one point, I text-messaged Favre, telling him what I thought — the team would rather pay him his 2008 salary and not have him play rather than cut him loose.
This text message came back from Favre’s phone: “tell ted to release me.”
We all thought this story had changed. We thought the Packers had softened their stance Sunday after prodding from commissioner Roger Goodell and that they had conceded a partial defeat. We thought they would let Favre compete with Aaron Rodgers for the starting job and that Favre was willing to give it a go.