The Fearless Out of Bounds Predictions for 2008!

Tomorrow will be 30 days until Kickoff. It’s time for some
serious southern college football, mixed in with a hint
of drama, and a Gameday beverage.

1. Auburn: Tubberville is the best coach in the league, and he’s got the speed
2. LSU: Pros all over the field….wouldn’t be surprised if they win it
3. Bammer: Saban has plenty of talent to finish 3rd…is this underachieving @ 4 million a year?
4. MSU: With Vandy & Kentucky at home – it’s imperative you win 7 this year
5. Ole Miss: Nutt has the QB and Running back….does he have the depth to win 7?
6. Arkansas: Brutal schedule….the Hogs could go 5-7.

1. Florida: It’s all about the schedule – the Gators will roll
2. Georgia: The Dawgs have the talent, but the schedule will bite Richt
3. South Carolina: Spurrier will rebound from last year
4. Tennessee: Fulmer will underachieve….again
5. Kentucky: The Wildcats will upset somebody
6. Vandy: Could they go bowling? Yes, if they were in the ACC

Predictions for the Big 3:
MSU: 7-5
Ole Miss: 6-6
USM: 7-5