Jim Dyke signs on with Haley Barbour

“Haley is delighted to have someone as talented as Jim Dyke joining his team to help us manage the increased national media interest and demand in the governor,” said Henry Barbour who serves as the treasurer of Haley’s PAC. “Jim’s knowledge and experience will prove invaluable to Haley in the coming few months.”

Dyke served as the communications director at the RNC during the 2004 re-election race of President George W. Bush then went into business for himself forming Jim Dyke & Associates in 2005.

Since that time, he’s immersed himself in the creation of the outside group effort on the Republican side, serving on the board of American Crossroads and playing a senior role in Resurgent Republic, a conservative-aligned polling effort. He will remain with his company full time, serving Barbour in an advisory capacity.

Dyke also lives in South Carolina, a major advantage given the primacy of the Palmetto State in the early days of the GOP nominating process. (Dyke was one of the Fix’s top six free-agents in the hunt for 2012 talent.

Chris Cillizza
Washington Post