Cochran faces fresh residency questions

“Sen. Cochran is out-of-touch with the people of Mississippi, and his four decades of voting for more spending, his own pay raises, tax hikes, taxpayer funded abortion, and even to fund ObamaCare, demonstrate that Thad Cochran puts D.C. ahead of Mississippians,” Fritsch added.
Cochran’s spokesman, Jordan Russell, pushed back against the suggestion that the senator is detatched from the state, pointing to the fact that he’s filed a tax exemption on his Oxford cabin that can only be applied to one property per person, noting that he’s registered to vote in Oxford and spent “over 100 days” in Mississippi in 2013.

“Anyone who tries to tell you that Thad Cochran doesn’t live in Mississippi doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s just not true. This is clearly an attempt by Chris McDaniel’s desperate, flailing campaign to make an issue of something that’s just not an issue,” Russell said.

Cochran is seen as the incumbent Republican senator most vulnerable to a primary challenge, but hopes for McDaniel have cooled somewhat with just under a month left in the primary.

The Hill