The Hill – Gene Taylor confuses Cialis with Ambien during a town hall

Speaking to constituents about prescription drug coverage earlier this month, Taylor embarked on a lengthy explanation of the differences between generic and brand medications. His drug of choice for the lesson? Cialis, a heavily marketed erectile dysfunction treatment.

Taylor talked about Cialis for nearly a minute, repeatedly asking his audience if they’d seen the ads instructing them to “tell your doctor you need this drug.” The crowd responded with muffled giggles.

When an off-camera aide finally alerted Taylor to the confusion, the congressman slapped his forehead. “Oh, wow,” he said, “I meant [the sleeping medication] Ambien. Not Cialis.”

Pent-up laughter erupted from the audience, along with a few hoots and whistles.

Taylor laughed; “chalk it up to me being an old man,” he said.

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