Mississippi Dem talks up independence in first ad (updated)

Mississippi Rep. Travis Childers (D) is up with his first TV ad, which seeks to put as much distance as possible between him and his party.

The 60-second spot, which is airing district-wide, mentions how Childers is one of the “most independent” House members and claims he’s kept all his 2008 campaign promises. “I’m Travis Childers, I’ve done what I said I would do,” the freshman says in the ad.

Childers won the seat in 2008 after the GOP became entangled in an intraparty feud. It’s going to be difficult for him to hang onto the conservative-leaning district in what is a tough environment for Democrats this cycle.

Perhaps with that in mind, Childers voted against such Democratic legislative priorities as healthcare reform and the cap-and-trade bill. He did, however, vote for the stimulus bill, but makes no mention of that in the ad.

The Hill
Aug. 12