GOP using Rep. Taylor as ’10 ammo

GOP challengers in conservative districts are seizing on Rep. Gene Taylor’s (D-Miss.) recent endorsement of healthcare repeal to question why their Democratic opponents haven’t done the same.

Thirty-four House Democrats bucked party leadership in March to oppose the new healthcare reform law, but Taylor stands alone in the caucus in taking the more aggressive step of lending his name to repeal.

And in Taylor’s home state of Mississippi, Rep. Travis Childers (D) — yet another “no” vote — is running into similar criticisms from GOP challenger Alan Nunnelee. “It’s definitely an issue,” said Nunnelee spokesman Morgan Baldwin.

The controversy swirls around Taylor’s decision last week to endorse a discharge petition, offered by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), that would force a vote on King’s healthcare repeal bill.

Taylor explained his move in a one-sentence statement.

“I didn’t vote for it, people don’t want it, and the taxpayers cannot afford it,” he said.

Requests for comment from the offices of McIntyre, Kissell and Childers were not returned Wednesday. Boren could not be reached for comment.

The Hill