The Hysterical Ole Miss Mascot Race: Admiral Ackbar, Apathy and Many Miffed Fans

Apparently, when some people at one of the prouder universities in the country look into installing a new mascot to replace a fan favorite that hadn’t been used for years, other people get angry. Well, first the other people don’t vote on the eventual ballot item at all. Then they get angry enough to populate Facebook groups dedicated to voting against such movements.

Such is life at Ole Miss right now.

When the school first announced that it would be voting on replacing Colonel Reb — a white-maned gentleman with a cane introduced in 1979 and retired in 2003 — with a new mascot, a few enterprising souls who have seen at least the clips of Star Wars that litter YouTube decided that Admiral Ackbar would be their guy. Ackbar is one of the Internet’s cherished memes, his “It’s a trap!” used and abused like any other, but his connection to Ole Miss works both because of the general “for the lulz” principle of Internet mischief and because he was an admiral for the Rebel Alliance, which ties in neatly with Ole Miss’ Rebels nickname.