The JFP Interview With Alan Nunnelee

But if the Democrats retain the majority in the House, there’s a good chance Pelosi will remain in her seat and become embittered to MS-01 for your vote, don’t you think?
I can’t deal with hypotheticals. I’m just going to deal with what I see is going to make (a difference).

Childers might say voters could get pretty much the same conservative ideas you offer, coupled with a decent committee assignment from a majority party member if they return him to the seat. Does he have a point?
I think that’s a question the voters will have to decide. Do they want to embrace a candidate who is willing to trade a committee assignment to support Nancy Pelosi?

On your website you say that you “have watched with growing dismay as the Obama-Pelosi regime has unleashed a liberal agenda so radical even Bill Clinton would not have attempted it.” You say cap and trade is an example. What’s wrong with cap and trade?
I don’t understand your question.

I noticed your opposition to cap and trade. What went wrong with it? What makes the program so unsuccessful?
The president himself said that, out of necessity, electric rates would skyrocket. I’m not in favor, in a downturn economy or anytime, of any policy that would guarantee that electric rates would skyrocket. Cap and trade is a political agenda in search of a science, and all that really is, is a thinly veiled tax sold as environmental policy.

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