We interrupt our coverage for a special report.

Day 12 of the hostage crisis, but the troops just won’t take a break. They headed to the state Capitol for the Flag-Wave Hee-Haw Liberty Jubliee to hear paid staffers, the head of the tea party and a paid staffer made not to look like a paid staffer, Jeremiah Boddy preach to the huddled dozens about liberty and revenge.

Reportedly McDaniel himself made a brief appearance and said “There’s no way we will abandon this cause. We will not leave our friends on the field of battle. Because when we’re done with this, the people of Mississippi will have their justice. They’ll have their honor. And the people of this country will finally have some answers.”

Anyhoo, the Mississippi press over the weekend has had the week to mull over the events of the past few days. The thoughts seem to be relatively unanimous. Paul Hampton says it’s time for McDaniel to ‘give up’. Geoff Pender basically agrees and hopes that Monday’s certification by the Secretary of State marks the beginning of the end. Sid Salter also seems to recognize the futility of the path forward for McDaniel.

As teased a bit yesterday, McDaniel and his crack campaign staff remain in the bunker in the Free State of Jones over the campaign loan issue. As you may remember, he was quoted as saying on CNN on Saturday saying, “We don’t have any primary debt – not one dime.”

Sam Hall digs in big time this morning with a piece looking at the math. Suffice it to say, if he doesn’t address it, McDaniel will be fighting the perception that this ‘election protest’ effort is more about pulling his financial fat out of the fire than ‘uprooting corruption’. There are several outside groups, some of them relatively new to the cause, all raising money under the McDaniel banner.

Sunday is a day for the Chris McDaniel nation to prepare for battle as the Tea Party Patriots gather liberty minded patriots to storm courthouses on Monday and Tuesday.

That’s the way it was – Day 12 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.