We interrupt our coverage for a special report.

Hero of the extreme right, Ted Cruz, continues to try and come to the aid of Mississippi Tea Party folks. Sort of. That’s right, the same Ted Cruz who is Vice Chairman of the NRSC, who spent the last 9 months raising money against and fighting Chris McDaniel at every turn is now giving supporters whiplash by saying that “allegations should be investigated”.


Speaking of Ted Cruz, the ‘tin foil hat’ crowd, as described by Joe Scarborough, is hyperventilating in the #MSSen Nation over FEC reporting mistakes made by the Cochran campaign. Apparently, deep in the interwebs, a brand new fresh conspiracy (as they only last about 3 days in the McDaniel universe before being replaced by another) is brewing that Cochran staffers were buying votes with “walking around money”. However, the Cochran campaign blamed the discrepancy on a clerical error whereby names/addresses of campaign workers were not attached to some expenditures as intended.

The McDaniel camp and their bearded minions are pretending to live in some FEC “state of grace”. But a week ago, Slate outlined a story about McDaniel’s camp using otherwise unaccounted for petty cash disbursements on FEC filings. And from the YP Memory Division, remember that the McDaniel campaign over reported and was forced to amend their Q4 filing regarding their cash on hand by nearly 20% in March in what appeared to be a clear attempt to puff up their contribution numbers.

As reported here yesterday, the out of state trial lawyers for the Tea Party backed True the Vote thought better of their North MS federal lawsuit and pulled out yesterday. The question now is was that lawsuit a smokescreen or are they going to refile to shop for a better judge?

McDaniel himself keeps popping up on the Coast. Interestingly in the interview he said there were more instances of “voter irregularity” than “crossover votes.”

Reports of interesting behavior are also trickling in from the vast YallPolitics state network. Apparently the Chris McDaniel 82 County Bigfoot/Voter Fraud Scavenger Hunt and Jubilee has rankled several courthouse staff. Volunteers trained by the McDaniel machine are getting on the last nerves of some staffers. Shrill comments directed at staff like “Taxpayers like me pay your salary, remember?” attributed to McDaniel supporters are being rumored from clerks and courthouse office staff from various areas around the state. Particularly the Mississippi Delta.

That’s the way it was – Day 15 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.