As the “I’m not a trial lawyer”/Baycol/Propulsid/Open Carry/Circuit Clerk Revival and Jamboree continues, Chris McDaniel continues to make friends and influence people on a county by county level. As a service, Y’allPolitics would like to attempt to itemize all of the current court actions pending.

McDaniel vs. Neshoba County Circuit Clerk
This time in Neshoba County, the Neshoba Democrat reports that he’s sued the Circuit Clerk there. State Senator Michael Watson is serving as one of his counsel in that court action.

McDaniel vs. Rankin County Circuit Clerk Rebecca Boyd
Again, more birthday wishes. Clarion Ledger reports lawsuit wanting unredacted voter lists complete with DOBs.

Action against Jackson County Circuit Clerk Joe Krebbs
In this case, McDaniel’s crew, led by Michael Watson again, got a County Court Judge to mandate the Circuit Clerk to allow access to the original (unredacted) poll books.

True the Vote vs. MSGOP and Delbert Hosemann 1
No Circuit Clerks have been harmed through the filing and withdrawal of this lawsuit

True the Vote vs. MSGOP and Delbert Hosemann 2
The hostilities toward Circuit Clerks continue via proxy in this one. A new filing outlines hostilities against Hancock and Rankin County Circuit Clerks alleging improper behavior.

In Re 2014 MS Republican Primary Election for US Senate: Shaun McCutcheon, Chairman of the Conservative Action Fund, Complainant
To this point, no Circuit Clerks have been harmed through the filing

Chris McDaniel vs. Harrison County Circuit Clerk Gail Parker
Birth dates remain the issue here. McDaniel is suing Gail Parker to make sure voter birthdates are available.

Just in case you’re scoring at home, that’s four legal actions against Circuit Clerks and two proxy actions against Circuit Clerks. Anyone with half a brain in Mississippi politics will tell you that the Circuit Clerk crowd is one you don’t want to universally piss off. They typically hold a great deal of political sway in their counties, and oh by the way, they are responsible for elections. Anyone in the blast radius of a coordinated effort against them will probably have some residual political hangover from that if they ever aspire to statewide office. Not to mention that McDaniel is a member of a private practice that regularly works in these courthouses. The universal thought was that the Tea Party was “willing to burn the house down” for what they believed. But no one thought they’d want to burn the courthouses down too.

Folks, that’s six legal actions that have been filed in the last two weeks and the piece de resistance will be announced today at 2:00 p.m also known as #McDDay. No telling where that will lead. Though again, the issue of court action doesn’t seem to be much in doubt as McDaniel sent out a fundraising email for his “Election Challenge Fund” late yesterday afternoon.

It’s only a matter of time before the #mssen movie comes out. We may have another appearance from the trailer lawyers. Be thinking of cast lists. This is turning Scruggsian in proportions.

Buckle in. It’s about to get weirder.

That’s the way it was – Day 22 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.