We interrupt this coverage for a special report.

Chris McDaniel is steaming mad about the fact that he believes his opponents used “race baiting” and other racially inflammatory and insensitive campaign methods. And what better place to go talk about outrage over insensitivity than Bryan Fisher’s AFA radio show, who once said only property owners should be eligible to vote in addition to being decidedly anti-gay.

McDaniel used phrases like “40,000 liberal democrats” and hiring “democratic operatives to go out into democratic communities” and “it’s the way democrats campaign”. It’s a real headscratcher to cipher what exactly McDaniel is saying isn’t it?

I guess folks just don’t understand his nuanced views on issues of race. At 4:30 in the second video he takes umbrage with the perception that he was portrayed as someone who would not support black colleges and universities if elected to Senate. Colleges like Jackson State and Alcorn State. Certainly he wouldn’t have gone out of his way for both he and his campaign manager to change his vote after the fact against funding of HBCUs in 2014 session, right? I wonder why anyone could possibly sell a negative impression about him on those issues to the black community. I mean just because he was one of three state senators (the other two were his campaign manager and his campaign lawyer) to vote against a bond bill that provided funding to, among other things, HBCUs, it must certainly mean something much more important was at play.

Just because he voted against the funding for the Civil Rights Museum (on passage and then on the conference report), there’s really no take away there, right? I’m sure the words ‘civil rights museum’ were not in the constitution.

Maybe we should look at this from the other perspective. Could he have votes in his past that would be more “civil war” oriented? Maybe he voted for the preservation of Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson Davis (on multiple occasions) and the maintenance of a monument honoring soldiers that fought at Shiloh in the Civil War. I think the words ‘preservation’ and ‘maintenance’ are both in the constitution.

I’m sure I’m just reaching.

Thankfully, for McDaniel, Todd Akin is coming to his rescue. You remember Todd Akin from ‘legitimate rape’ fame, don’t you? We’ll he’s hopping mad about what he calls the ‘selection’ of Thad Cochran by the ‘establishment’ and how “They want a monolith when it comes to the issues candidates are talking about, so the individual they select to represent a district in Congress or state in the Senate won’t venture off the script when it comes to certain topics.” If ‘legitimate rape’ and being unsure about voting for Katrina relief are ‘venturing off the script’ then I’d say maybe there’s some strategery at work there.

It’ll get stranger. I promise.

That’s the way it was – Day 25 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.

The author of this story has made a reportable contribution to the Thad Cochran campaign in this cycle. Please do your own research and factor that into your consideration.