We interrupt our coverage to bring you this special report.

Glenn Beck sure does like him some Chris McDaniel. When you’re the victim of a conspiracy, there’s no better place to vent in American media than Glenn Beck’s show.

Glenn Beck’s latest visit to the Political Crystal Ball (58:55) yielded the theory that Haley Barbour had cut a deal with Thad Cochran to win the race, quit and then appoint Henry Barbour as his replacement.

Not to be outdone, Rick Shaftan got two segments on Bryan Fisher’s AFR talk program yesterday. At 3:55 on one of the videos, Fisher (shockingly and coincidentally) parroted Glenn Beck conjecturing about Thad’s health and future succession.

Oh well, maybe they’ll have to apologize like the National Review’s Quin Hillyer, who had the patriots all aTwitter (literally) with his hit piece on Henry Barbour. But there were problems in the story. For starters, he was writing about Henry with a picture of Haley. Even Fox News Brit Hume shamed Hillyer publicly on Twitter.

Well, the only other problem with the story was that he was wrong and came back yesterday and had to apologize and say after actually talking to Henry Barbour. ”I appreciate Barbour’s clarification, and apologize for any confusion. Without comment, I leave it to others to judge the messages in each of the ads. At some point soon, I intend to revisit this entire subject, with the possibility of slightly amending some of my earlier conclusions.”

That’s media speak and we can translate. That translates directly into, “Maybe I should not have listened to the paid political hacks that fed me this story without doing an ounce of independent research”.

But that’s just national talk. The rubber meets the road here in Mississippi. And McDaniel’s rubber met the road in a parking lot of a comic book store in Hattiesburg after the “Truth and Just Us” rally taking up a cool 5 spaces in the parking lot of a small business called Southern Fried Comics. And it was to be a big day at that company. It was Batman day to be exact (and no, we are not making that up. Day 30 of the Hostage Crisis was actually Batman Day . . . and National Hotdog Day as well). The store owner was only amused slightly.

Never to be outdone, Marshall Ramsey hit it out of the park.

Today, we will see the cards that True the Vote is holding. They sent out a fundraising email yesterday where they accuse Delbert Hosemann and other MS Republican leaders of “siding with Obama and Holder.”

According to McDaniel sources, #McDDay version 2.0 should be on Friday. That’s when we are supposed to see the formal protest to the MS GOP executive committee followed immediately by a lawsuit.

That’s the way it was – Day 30 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.