We interrupt our coverage to bring you this special report.

A little light reading for the YallPolitics nation on a Friday.

Here’s Thad Cochran’s answer to the complaint.

Thad Cochran answer in McDaniel v. Cochran

Here’s the Motion to Dismiss

Thad Cochran Motion to Dismiss in McDaniel v. Cochran 082114

And here’s the Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss

Memorandum in Support to Dismiss in McDaniel v. Cochran 082114

Remember, this was a preventable tragedy folks. Harry Reid, Rickey Cole and Travis Childers are laughing their asses off and the McDaniel camp is the (unwitting) pawn in trying to keep the Senate in Democrat hands and under Barack Obama’s thumb. At this point, one could reasonably argue that the McDaniel camp and the TEA Party leaders are being complicit with the Democrat plan if for the simple payoff of feeding their narcissism and their need for “revenge.” Think through this over the next month or so while we watch the train wreck continue to unfold.

Meanwhile, Republican leaders remain largely silent.

That’s the way it was – Day 59 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.