We interrupt our coverage to bring you this special report.

On Friday in the MS TEA Party universe, in the 9 minute span it took him to render his ruling in Gulfport, Judge Hollis McGehee went from an honest Christian man with sound judgment and a “fair person”, to a shameful loser who had been either “bought off” or “intimidated” by the Republican establishment.

In record time, the grifters moved in. Emily Pettus found the email from the “Tea Party Leadership Fund”, looking to financially capitalize immediately on McDaniel’s legal misfortune. But hey, grifters gotta grift. Here’s a little taste.

Pay offs? Bribes? Back-room deals? Steak dinners? Thad Cochran’s hoping you have forgotten how he sold-out to steal the Mississippi primary out from under the tea party hero Chris McDaniel.

NOW, the lawsuit to overturn Thad’s bought-and-paid-for June primary has been filed and DISMISSED!!!

**Now we MUST make sure Chris McDaniel has the resources he needs to take this to the Mississippi State Supreme Court.**

There’s about a 13% chance that McDaniel will even see a nickel of it.

Speaking of grifters, if McGehee’s decision weren’t bad enough, the True the Vote proxy lawsuit in the McDaniel fatwa against the Secretary of State and circuit clerks statewide was dismissed by Nancy Atlas, but not before a relatively scathing 90 page opinion.

Also, in the immediate aftermath, McDaniel supporters took to social media as only they can to express how stunned they were.

But in no time, McDaniel gathered himself. After all, was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell NO!

Of course, Churchill was talking about never giving in to Adolph Hitler. And he did caveat the “never give in” part to make exceptions for giving in “for convictions of honor and good sense.” But those are minor technicalities. Much like the voting technicalities that his entire case was based on.

But it seems clear that McDaniel, no matter how much he prays over the weekend, will push his challenge to the MS Supreme Court.

Truthfully, it’s not that McDaniel is unwilling to yield. He appears to be psychologically incapable of doing so. This whole ordeal has taken on Charlie Sheen-reality TV-like proportions where erstwhile nobodies are thrust into the spotlight by forces much larger than themselves and just can’t give up the fame. They’ll do anything (and I mean anything) to stay in the spotlight and are often aided by grifters, hangers-on and wild sycophants urging them at every turn to keep the party going.

It seems a virtual certainty that McDaniel will announce Tuesday that there will be an appeal to the MS Supreme Court. In fact, Sam Hall is speculating that after he strikes out there, it will be on to a 1st Amendment claim in federal court to rehash Ike Brown’s arguments about “freedom not to associate.”

Regardless, one thing seems sure. McDaniel seems bound and determined to force the MSGOP leadership to choose sides. The sooner they do, the sooner this will end and the sooner the Party and the state can begin to heal.

That’s the way it was – Day 68 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.