We interrupt our coverage to bring you this special report.

While the Magic 8 Ball legal team (not to be confused with Hortman Harlow) has taken a sabbatical from the front pages to prepare the McDaniel legal fight at the Mississippi Supreme Court, the activists move along undeterred.

The race for FreedomWorks Martyr of the Year is heating up. First prize? An AM radio show, 5,000 rounds of ammo, a signed photograph of Sarah Palin (pre-brawl), a voice over by Glenn Beck recording your voice mail greeting, and a year’s supply of free catfish. Of course, the odds on frontrunner is Chris McDaniel, but Chuck C. Johnson seems to be making a late charge with his teasing the refusal to show up in front of a Lauderdale County Grand Jury next week to testify against his buddy and McDaniel communications guy, Noel Fritsch.

Speaking of catfish, Allen Page of FreedomWorks was in town late last week peddling free catfish dinners. That’s right. In exchange for protesting the Ex-Im Bank in front of Gregg Harper’s Rankin County Office on Friday afternoon FreedomWorks was treating all takers to a catfish dinner at Berry’s on Highway 49. Reportedly, three hearty souls braved partly cloudy skies and 80 degree temperatures to show their disgust about whatever it was they were being paid in catfish to feign disgust of. The same thing was tried in front of Cochran’s office in August.

Based on news coverage, it would seem that Travis Childers would be tickled with three activists turning out for anything. After unveiling a poorly produced commercial hitting YouTube last week (ripped from a Mitch McConnell ad 20 years ago), he’s followed it up with equally anemic fundraising efforts.

Maybe someone should send bloodhounds looking for a Childers campaign donor. There’s got to be one out there.

Donor fatigue through the end of 2014 will certainly be high. Geoff Pender did a good job over the weekend handicapping what’s out there in terms of a 2015 slate of potential candidates for statewide offices. A lot depends on what’s left of the McDaniel voters and what they focus on and what, if anything, is willing to fund that effort.

That’s the way it was – Day 83 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.