We interrupt our coverage to bring you this special report.

Erstwhile journalistic anarchist Matt Boyle over at Breitbart scored the “exclusive” with Mississippi’s most in-famous, back-bench state legislator Chris McDaniel. In it, Boyle tries to set the table for the conversation of McDaniel challenging Roger Wicker in 2018.

On behalf of me and me only . . .


I can’t wait for that to happen. There’s a paper trail on McDaniel a mile long and if he wants to run on his record versus Wicker’s record, that would be a fundamentally unfair fight that Wicker should relish. But just because I’m a sport, let’s take a look at the argument.

McDaniel did, in fact, almost topple Thad Cochran three years ago. But Wicker is a wholly different candidate than Cochran with a campaign apparatus that will be far superior to what Cochran had. He’s brought on Justin Brasell, who has run statewide campaigns in Mississippi for Tate Reeves and run big time national races like the one for Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas. And Wicker served as NRSC chair running an almost impossible task of keeping Republicans in control of the Senate. He’s got a lot of chips to cash in around DC. Folks like Ted Cruz (who is coincidentally up in 2018) won’t likely be breaking ranks to help the local-libertater-in-chief. And the mother’s milk of McDaniel’s 2014 affair, millions of loose outside money trying to make a point, won’t be in nearly a plentiful supply. The dynamics have changed completely.

So let’s just take a look at the track record of McDaniel since he left.

He started a Senate Conservative Coalition. Several members of the coalition lost at the ballot box. The others bailed.

McDaniel in the 2016 session and the 2017 session has only served as principal author of one bill that has seen the light of day. One. But it was a major piece of legislation mind you . . . in 2016, Senate Concurrent Resolution 528, authored by McDaniel, congratulated Ms. Erin Murphy of Laurel as Mississippi’s 2015 Miss Hospitality. Really? If he has no record of getting state senators to follow him on fighting and winning the tough conservative battles, how is he going to do it in DC?

McDaniel, by and through those in his orbit, was mentioned as a potential challenger to Lt. Governor Tate Reeves in 2015. Reeves gutted McDaniel like a fish sucking away any support from any legislators. Then saying he really wanted to be in DC, he measured the race against Rep. Steven Palazzo in 2016 and subsequently chickened out. The reason for both decisions is math. He would have gotten beat badly in both races.

In squawking out of the Palazzo fight, he cited that one of his main reasons was to be the head of Ted Cruz’s organization in Mississippi. Although, he’s now trying to wrap himself in Trump populism even though his paid help was literally trying to beclown Trump during the primary fight.

Finally, he started the United Conservatives Fund PAC. Since its inception, there’s no meaningful evidence that it’s done anything but help McDaniel. No issues have been meaningfully impacted. There’s no paper trail of candidates that it has helped elect. And they’ve raised less money than most Girl Scout Troops selling cookies over the last three years. As for McDaniel’s own campaign account, he’s only sitting on about $48K – fine enough for a state senator, but there appears to be no groundswell out there for his own efforts either.

So, I’ll net this out for you. It’s all smoke. There’s no “there” there. He wants to be in the conversation to fuel his narcissism, but I’d lay odds that he won’t actually pull the trigger for some reason yet to be disclosed.

In fact, I’ll make this offer right now (to borrow a page from Lorne Michaels). If Chris McDaniel actually qualifies for US Senate in 2018 as a Republican against Roger Wicker, Jackson New Media, Inc. (parent company of Y’all Politics), will write a $1,000 check to the non-profit charity of McDaniel’s choice. All he’s got to do is file the paperwork.

I hope like hell he does though I’m real sure he won’t.

The thing about being a political martyr, as he portrays himself, is that once you actually try to rise from the dead, you’re no longer a martyr. And if he runs against anyone and loses, that title will be lost forever. I think he actually revels in his own political martyrdom, as shown in the Boyle piece, and I guess it must be a good gig because he has lots of friends on facebook and the “purity for profit” probably brings in a few $$ for his peeps, but he has accomplished the sum total of zero since his apparent soul crushing defeat in 2014. Not legislatively. Not politically.

And the thing about trying to be a populist is that you kind of have to be popular.

I can’t wait to watch this over the coming 12 months.

That’s the way it was – Day 989 of the McDaniel Hostage Crisis.

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.