From our friend, Jack Criss . . .

Dear Friends:

A new era in Mississippi business publishing was launched today, as the full-color, glossy magazine THE MISSISSIPPI CAPITALIST was mailed out to a readership list of 9,600 people/addresses (including every member of the US and State House and Senate as well as economic development groups in Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, Baton Rouge, the Florida panhandle, etc.).

For more information on this exciting new magazine, please go to

I urge you to become a charter subscriber today…or, if you wish, please contact me for a complimentary sample copy.

THE MISSISSIPPI CAPITALIST is bold, stunning, exciting, full-color and inspiring…just like the state entrepreneurs we will profile in each issue. We look forward to having you join our readership!



Jack Criss
Publisher/Executive Editor
Metro Business Chronicle
The Mississippi Capitalist
Reflections Magazine
Fax: 601-366-1922