Only certainty about Newton is we’ve heard this tale before

There has been cheating in college football since before players were required to wear helmets. So, please, stop feigning shock at the seemingly sordid tale of Newton, whose father may well have offered to sell his son’s touchdown-throwing, linebacker-dodging ability to the highest bidder.

Just because news spreads over the Internet in nanoseconds doesn’t make it new. Intellects have been debating the merits of big-time college football since its inception. I’m not too far away from calling for colleges and universities to divorce themselves from collegiate athletics altogether.
It won’t happen, but that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of peace on earth and the end of racism.
Major college athletics used to be so “pure” that if you weren’t white you couldn’t even get paid to play for Auburn or Notre Dame or Oklahoma; so pure in Texas that even Bevo was white.