Excerpt of email from The Parents Campaign:

“The conference report for SB 2300 has added a provision to allow students to cross district lines to attend charter schools. Though the location of charter schools remains limited to school districts that are underperforming, this provision would allow students in any district, including those rated A, B, or C, to cross district lines within a county to attend a charter school in another school district. Funding would follow the child.

“The Parents’ Campaign opposes this move, consistent with our position that charter schools should be available only to students in chronically low performing school districts. The conference report for SB 2300 should be recommitted to remove the provision allowing open enrollment.

“On another front, Lt. Governor Reeves indicated on Twitter late this afternoon that another tax cut effort may be in the works, so while you are talking with legislators, please ask them to vote against any legislation that would reduce state revenue.

“Ask your legislators to RECOMMIT the conference report for SB 2300 (open enrollment for charters) and to oppose reducing state revenue through a tax cut.