From The Parents Campaign mass email courtesy of Nancy Loome…

This afternoon, the House defeated the conference report on HB 765, the voucher bill, on a 57-63 vote, and the Legislature adjourned the 2014 Legislative Session. You can see the vote on the voucher bill here.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful, tireless work on behalf of public school children throughout this legislative session. Our schools will be stronger, our state more productive, and, most importantly, our children’s futures brighter because of you.

We have a lot to celebrate! Over 63,000 moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, and many others stood shoulder to shoulder to strengthen and support public education.

Almost 500,000 Mississippi children rely on our public schools to provide them a pathway to a good life. What you did this year in support of those children was extraordinary, as the system they rely on came under attack in ways we have not seen before.

Over 40 bills that threatened to undermine our public schools were introduced by legislators this year. Bills to weaken educational standards, give children less time to learn, funnel tax dollars to private schools, hamstring local communities and weaken local control of schools, reduce funding options for schools, and obliterate the MAEP – by standing up and speaking out, again and again – you helped like-minded legislators defeat every single one of them.