Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood took to the media Tuesday to announce that the Department of Justice is still reviewing the state’s Voter ID law and that identification would not be required to vote in the upcoming November 6th election.

Media and liberal blogs promoted the announcement as “Breaking News.”

Really? Come on, guys!

If anyone thought that Mississippi (of all states) would get an approval for conservative-backed Voter ID from this Department of Justice under Democratic President Barack Obama before the election, then either you do not understand politics at all or you are so out of touch you’d buy Gulf front property in Tupelo.

The real story is Hood’s lack of fervor for the will of Mississippians.

Perhaps you remember Big John played by former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson from the movie “Days of Thunder.” One of his more memorable lines comes to mind in this context: “Now y’all heard of a “Japanese Inspection?” Japanese Inspection, you see, when the Japs get in a load of lettuce they’re not sure they wanna let in the country, why they’ll just let it sit there on the dock ’til they get good and ready to look at. But then of course, it’s all gone rotten… ain’t nothing left to inspect. You see, lettuce is a perishable item…”

…Like voting integrity.

Mississippi’s AG Hood seems all too willing to sit on the sideline and comply with his fellow Democrats in D.C., allowing the integrity of our vote to perish instead of fighting for the vast majority (some 62% of the people) who want their wishes upheld.

If Hood was doing his job, Tuesday’s Voter ID announcement wouldn’t have been quite so passive; he would have shown a little fire on behalf of his state to get this law enacted now. The least he could do was to go file for a court order to force the decision.

But, once again, Hood quietly endorses the likes of President Obama and U.S. AG Eric Holder over the will of Mississippians and no one calls him out on it.