The Real Jim Hood – Hood tried to squash Personhood Amendment

Two weeks ago, after most Mississippians had wrapped up their work-week, Jim Hood issued a statement professing his support for the Personhood Amendment.

“Support Personhood! I want to make my position very clear. Personally, I have always supported the sanctity of life.” – Jim Hood, Friday, September 17th
Truth: Jim Hood has not always been a pro-life advocate

The Personhood Amendment that Jim Hood claimed to support almost never made it onto the ballot – because he tried to stop it!

In 2010, Jim Hood issued a legal opinion that nearly killed the Personhood Amendment’s chances of making it onto the ballot. Hood arbitrarily issued an opinion that would’ve decreased the amount of time Personhood advocates would’ve had to collect the signatures needed to get the issue on the ballot.

Pro-life groups in Mississippi and beyond responded to Hood’s clear end-around on the Constitution with outrage.

“Jim Hood’s latest action protects abortion in Mississippi.” – Personhood Mississippi

“(Hood’s) strained interpretation of the law could’ve caused Personhood Mississippi to fall short of the required number of signatures.” – Liberty Counsel

*The Read Jim Hood is a website run by the Steve Simpson campaign.